Studies are currently being conducted on the use of IMMUNE ONE™ LARCH ARABINOGALACTAN (AG) powder with laying chickens. University studies show the LARCH ARABINOGALACTAN AC9 promotes the growth of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, both beneficial bacteria, in the gastrointestinal tract while at the same time reducing the numbers of pathogenic bacteria. Broiler chickens fed the AC9 experienced an increase of lactobacilli bacteria.

Anecdotal evidence indicates that 6 grams (one tablespoon) of IMMUNE ONE™ AG powder per 32 oz. water used as drinking water with chickens may be of beneficial nutritional support to:

  • Lower incidence of disease (less reliance on routine antibiotics).
  • Improve nutrient absorption (lower feed costs per bird, increase egg production).
  • Increase weight gain (potential earlier date to market).
  • Increase beneficial bacteria (healthier chickens with less reliance on antibiotics).

LARCH ARABINOGALACTAN (AG) is an approved animal feed additive easily incorporated into feed formulas and is approved by the FDA for direct addition to food and holds GRAS status.

If you are interested in participating in AG studies with poultry, please inquire.