Immune One Balm

BalmImmune One™ Healing Balm is an effective treatment for fungal infections, grease heel, dew poisoning, and scratches. Its ingredients tell the whole story: lanolin, active aloe, citrus seed extract, pau de arco, milk thistle extract, tea tree oil, and colloidal silver mixed with Immune One’s™ arabinogalactan powder. Each of these ingredients is recognized for its healing properties on its own. Combined they provide an incredibly healing balm. Immune One™ Healing Balm penetrates well, doesn’t leave a heavy, greasy layer on the skin, and quickly softens and removes crust. With appropriate cleansing and treatment the balm “does a fantastic job, even with difficult, heavily scabbed fungal infections” as noted in July 2000 Horse Journal. Treatment should be combined with ingestion of the Immune One™ Powder if the problem has become systemic.