Immune One PowderSource One™ Feeds were formulated by an international nutritionist, Dr. Charles Hubbell, over thirty years ago. Currently, Source One™ Feed and Immune One™ Pellets are milled in Perris, CA, by Star Milling Company. We have loyal customers who have been so pleased with this feed they refuse to use anything else.

Our company began with an appreciation for the value of larch arabinogalactan. Originally the larch arabinogalactan was added to the feed to create the Immune One™ Pellets. Now this powder is the basis of all of our products: Joint Mobility, Cell Support, Healing Balm and Immune One™ Pellets. All of these products were developed with the assistance of practicing veterinarians. These veterinarians continue to use our products in their practices across the country.

Feel free to call us 303-476-8562 and use our online Contact Form if you have any questions. You will speak to either Richard or Judy Bell, owners of the company. If we can’t answer your questions, we will find a veterinarian who can.