What is Immune One™ Larch Arabinogalactan Powder?

LARCH ARABINOGALACTAN is a naturally occurring polysaccharide (sugar) derived from the Western Larch tree. Unlike sugars such as honey which have very small molecules, larch arabinogalactan is a very long chain of linked sugars making it a very large molecule which is not digested for energy and does not interact with insulin. It’s large size (10,000-120,000 MW) gives the larch arabinogalactan it’s special “nutraceutical” properties, that of a plant-derived therapeutic agent. “Nutraceuticals” are nutrients which act in a pharmacological or therapeutic manner.

The larch arabinogalactan (AG) properties include its ability to stimulate the activity of various types of immune cells. Arabinogalactan has been proven to stimulate the activity of NK (natural killer) cells and macrophages. Arabinogalactan polysaccharides were found to have strong immune modulating (modulating is a fine tuning and focusing of the immune system) properties with simultaneous anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory effects were also shown to be effective in the treatment of numerous allergies. (Ref. Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Peter D’Adamo, Vol. 6, No. 1; Alternative Medicine Digest, 1/98, pg. 30, Prostate & Bladder Cancer, Jesse Stoff M.D.).

What is the Major Difference Between the “Purified” Arabinogalactan and the Arabinogalactan Used as a Patented Animal Feed Additive?

The arabinogalactan-patented animal feed additive contains approximately 2.8% polyphenols. Per U. S. Patent #5,614,501, “Useful polyphenols include flavonoids such as tannins, aromadendrines, anthocyanins, catecholins, catechins and taxifolins. Taxifolin is a preferred polyphenol since it is found in the Larix (Larch) tree, which also contains arabinogalactan, a preferred dietary fiber. Preferably, the polyphenol lowers the amount of harmful bacteria such as Clostridium without lowering the amount of beneficial bacteria, such as bifidobacteria…” “To prepare purified arabinogalactan, the polyphenols are removed… However, retention is desired since both the dietary fiber and the polyphenols are useful for treating gastrointestinal disorders.” Both grades of AG are certified Kosher.

Is Larch Arabinogalactan Toxic? Is it Approved by the FDA?

Arabinogalactan is probably the least toxic substance an animal or human can consume. Studies show the arabinogalactan to be significantly less toxic than cellulose, the component of numerous fiber supplements. In some studies, laboratory animals were fed arabinogalactan comprising 50% of their diet for six months with no ill effects. Larch arabinogalactan is approved by the FDA (USFDA) GRAS, and for direct addition to food under title 21 CFR parts 172.23 and 172.61. Arabinogalactan is approved by the Canadian Governor-in-Council.

Why Would I use the Immune One™ or Senior Mobility™ Pelleted Arabinogalactan Supplement Rather than Just the Larch Arabinogalactan Powder?

ARABINOGALACTAN POWDER is not as easy to administer to horses or general livestock as the pelleted IMMUNE ONEtm arabinogalactan supplement. The pelleted IMMUNE ONEtm supplement provides other multiple benefits. Arabinogalactan is an effective nutraceutical in the form of a polysaccharide. In general, oxidative agents inhibit the activity of most polysaccharides, therefore, concurrent administration of arabinogalactan with anti-oxidants should enhance their efficacy. Test feeding has indicated this to be true.

The feed base used in the SOURCE ONE NATURALStm IMMUNE ONE™ and SENIOR MOBILITY™ AG supplements has abundant anti-oxidant enhancing enzymes in the form of tiny barley malt sprouts and other nutrients. The SOURCE ONE base is a premium balanced feed rich in organic proteins, soluble fiber and digestive enzymes. Additionally, it is important to remember that if the immune system, say the NK (Natural Killer) cells, lack the biochemical support (from nutrients) to work appropriately, stimulating them may not get optimum results. You must provide the key nutrients to stabilize the body’s biochemistry, freeing the immune system to function efficiently.

The IMMUNE ONE™ pellets are economical in that they provide 1 – 3 lbs of feed in addition to the 6 – 15 + grams of larch arabinogalactan. Price of the feed replaced should be deducted from the cost of the supplement use. IMMUNE ONEtm ARABINOGALACTAN POWDER should be used on newborn livestock such as foals, calves, pigs and lambs at the rate of 6 grams per day for the first month or more to enhance growth, reduce or eliminate scours and other harmful pathogens especially E-Coli and Clostridium and increase the numbers of beneficial anaerobes in the digestive tract. (Ref. U. S. Patent#5,641,501) Each level tablespoon has approximately 3 grams of arabinogalactan.

The IMMUNE ONE™ ARABINOGALACTAN POWDER should be used with other animals such as cats, dogs, rodents, fish, reptiles, birds and poultry. The order page lists current pricing.

If My Horse (Dog, Cat, Etc.) has a Fungal or Yeast Problem Such as Eczema, Scratches, Thrush, Chronic Sinusitis, Ear Infection, Etc., Can I Give it Immune One™ with the Polysaccharides Being Sugars?

Yes, arabinogalactan polysaccharides are not sugars, as we generally think of them. Arabinogalactan is not digested for energy, and does not interact with insulin. It is a perfect fiber and food source (natant) for beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacteria and is not digested by harmful pathogens such as Candida or Clostridium. The larch arabinogalactan has been studied regarding fungal conditions and been shown to actually help the body’s immune system fight the yeast and fungi.

As a Prebiotic or Probiotic Enhancer (increases the numbers of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract), Wouldn’t I Have to Keep Immune One™ Arabinogalactan Supplements in a Cool Spot?

Larch arabinogalactan (AG) maintains its stability and effectiveness over a wide range of concentrations, temperature and pH changes. AG is not sensitive to heat or cold, but is 100% water-soluble and is therefore sensitive to moisture. Keep your powder in a jar with the lid firmly tightened, otherwise, it may have a tendency to clump and not dissolve as quickly in liquid. The IMMUNE ONE™ and SENIOR MOBILITY™ pelleted-AG supplements, in addition to the powdered AG, contain malt sprouts and brewers dried grains with abundant anti-oxidants, and is shelf-stable for extended periods, as are other pelleted rations kept in dry storage.

Will My Horse (Calf, Lamp, Pig, Etc.) Eat Immune One™ Pelleted-AG Supplement Readily?

SOURCE ONE NATURALS™ IMMUNE ONE™ and SENIOR MOBILITY™ supplements are very palatable, with the majority of animals looking forward to their daily ration. Very, very rarely do we encounter animals that do not prefer the AG. If you have the exception to the rule, usually, limiting just one feeding session to IMMUNE ONE™ pellets and minimal hay will usually solve the problem. The IMMUNE ONE™ ARABINOGALACTAN POWDER can be mixed in the feed or dissolved in a small amount of water and poured over the ration. AG has very little odor or taste. Current prices can be found under the order page

How Do I Give My Pets the Immune One™ Arabinogalactan Powder as They Are Picky Eaters?

Generally dissolving the IMMUNE ONE™ powder in water, and pouring the solution over the pet’s food works just fine, as there is minimal odor or taste involved. To make sure your pet actually gets the full amount of IMMUNE ONE™ suggested, dissolve the AG powder in a small amount of water, and use a syringe to give the solution orally.

Can I Give the Immune One™ Arabinogalactan Powder to my Chickens? I Feed Them as Pesticide and Drug Free as Possible. What Will the Immune One™ do for my Poultry?

Larch arabinogalactan animal feed additive (SOURCE ONE NATURALS™, IMMUNE ONE™ POWDER) is a naturally occurring hemicellulose from the Western Larch tree. It has been shown to promote beneficial bacteria while reducing pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract of animals. This arabinogalactan powder also has shown positive effects on feed efficiency and weight gain in weaning calves and broiler chickens in university studies. Anecdotally, it seems to be of beneficial nutritional support in the prevention and treatment of various concerns in poultry such as chicken pox, coccidiosis, fungal, upper respiratory and viral conditions. Potential benefits would include:

  • Healthier chickens
  • Less reliance on antibiotics
  • Increased weight gain
  • Potential earlier to market date
  • Lower feed costs per bird

IMMUNE ONE™ ARABINOGALACTAN POWDER can be used in the bird’s water at one (1) tablespoon per each gallon of water. Some conditions may require a more concentrated amount. For more details contact us via the contact page. Current prices are located on the order page.

When Were Source One Feeds™ and Immune One™ Supplements Developed?

The formulations for the feeds themselves were developed in 1967, originally for a large Zoo. SOURCE ONE FEEDS™, as a proprietary brand, was created in August 1975 by Charles Hubbell Phd., international nutritionist. Mr. Hubbell had been in Research and Development for COORS, FALSTAFF BREWING and European breweries for over twenty years. He also produced the FEED ANALYSIS CHART(s) for FEEDSTUFFS MAGAZINE, the trade magazine of the milling industry and formulated the entire feed line for FALSTAFF BREWING CO. in the late 1960’s through mid 1975.

Extensive research has been conducted on larch arabinogalactan since 1970 including three articles in the SCIENCE NEWS, trade magazine of the research industry in 1971. Studies at Washington State University (1972), University of Montana, University of Minnesota Agricultural Experimental Station at Crookston, University of Minnesota (1998-99) and Purdue University. Larch arabinogalactan was approved by the FDA in 1972 for direct addition to food and with GRAS status in 1998. The SOURCE ONE NATURALS™, IMMUNE ONE™ and SENIOR MOBILITY™ were developed with veterinarians over a two period (1996-1997) in California.