“We’ve only been using the Immune One-Cell support and the Larch Arabinogalactan for a few days, and we have already seen a big improvement in Dozer, our boxer puppy. Thank you very much for getting him on these, they really do work.”

Bob and Cindy P.

“We… have an employee here (Kayla) who tried the Immune One/Cell Support on her dog that has a chronic skin problem. She said the dog is still suffering from itchy dry skin, but since going on the products all of the redness and inflammation went away. And Kayla also told her mom to try the Immune one for her dog that has a bad respiratory problem and it has really helped!”

Elizabeth M.
The Cheshire Horse

“I called Paula (www.animalfitness.com) on a Monday or Tuesday morning complaining about my yellow lab (13 year old spayed female) and her not usual behavior. Our other puppy had been REALLY bothering her and she seemed tired and unwilling to engage with anyone. Paula said, ‘Before you bring her in for a workup, you are to put her on Immune One Powder and Cell Support Powder according to the following directions&ellipse; then we shall schedule an appointment for a full workup.’

I called Paula back within two and one half DAYS! I could NOT believe the difference in my dog! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Sharon C.

My 13 year old Dalmatian female (spayed) was diagnosed with liver cancer and I was recommended to Animal Fitness. ‘Freckles’ had a check up and Paula and Jack both agreed to aggressively treat her with special supplements. I bought the Immune One Powder and a few special vitamins. Within two weeks, I was instructed to add the Cell Support Powder as well (it had just been released to market). I would not have believed the results if I had paid thousands of dollars. I called Paula and told her that initially I did what she suggested because I had run out of options; I was not going to put ‘Freckles’ through chemotherapy. I am AMAZED at my dog’s recovery in less than three weeks and it only keeps getting better and better!”

Chris P.

“On Wednesday, Jack saw a client puppy named Dozier, 6 week old boxer male. He showed signs of enlarged joints in his front leg and the beginning of the same condition on the other front leg. The puppy was eating and drinking normally and all vitals were within normal ranges. The owner reported the puppy sleeping a bit more than usual. Jack advised a close watch and to check in with any changes. On Saturday afternoon, Jack and I both saw the puppy and determined that the condition was DRAMATICALLY WORSENED in both front legs and affecting one of the hind legs as well. We determined that it was osteo-chondro dysplasia. The client was devastated. We prescribed Cell Support and Immune One Powder and some additional vitamins. I was supposed to see the pup on Monday afternoon but the pup was improving too quickly. The client is ecstatic! The pup showed major improvement within 24 hours and has been able to walk and even play some. She truly believes there is now hope for saving Dozier.


Carlton R. “Jack” Kibbee & Paula J. Fitzpatrick

“Just wanted to let you know the balm worked fantastically well on some very, very, VERY tough scratches cases. Dramatic improvements literally overnight despite extremely thick crusting – usually the most difficult cases to treat. I also very much liked the fact that it sinks into the skin extremely well without leaving a thick greasy residue that traps dirt and irritants.”

E Kellon, DVM

“In our vet practice we use Immune One™ Balm extensively. We have found that small animals will not lick it off when it is applied to wounds or suture sites. We have also noted one added benefit; flies stay away from the injured area. The greatest benefit? It only takes a small amount. One jar lasts a long time.”

Jack Kibbee, DVM

“A short time ago, I injured my hand while out working the ranch. I knew it needed stitches, but I also knew that I just didn’t have the time, I needed my hand now. I decided to use the Immune One™ Balm since I had noted it’s healing impact on my dogs and horses. An injury that I expected to take weeks to heal, was much improved in days.”

P. Fitzpatrick

“My nineteen-year-old daughter recently injured her leg in a car accident. The doctors did a very poor job of stitching the ten-inch long, two inch deep wound. It was healing poorly so we decided to begin using the Immune One™ Balm on it. I had to promise her that she wouldn’t grow hair or begin to whinny. Within 24 hours we began to see a remarkable difference as the wound began to close. Four days later we were able to remove the stitches and her leg is healing beautifully.”

S. Williams

“I want to thank you for your amazing product, Immune One™ Arabinogalactan Powder. I have been using this powder for my 8-year old Vizsla who was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma in February 2002. Your powder has quite literally saved her life.”

L. Welk

“Three weeks ago, Billy Bob, my 7-month old yellow lab was run over by a truck. His poor little foot required 10 stitches and had two broken toes. The vet placed a soft cast on it and sent us home. I placed Billy on a double dose of Immune One™ immediately. Two days later we were back at the vet for a check-up and bandage change. The vet was surprised at how well Billy was doing. There was no seepage from the wound or foul odor. One week later the vet was truly amazed at how quickly Billy’s wound had healed. Again there was no seepage or odor on a bandage that had been on 5 days. This weekend, less than three weeks after the incident, Billy went on a 3 mile walk. My husband and I have no children, so our animals are pretty spoiled, and very well loved. Thank you Immune One, your product is truly amazing.”

C. Winters

“We find that a lot of the animals we rescue have mange or immune system problems. We put them on the Immune One™ Powder and they are ready to be adopted in no time.”

L. Patella
Pet Adoption Connection

“When I was exposed to organo phosphate poisoning I became extremely ill unless I took the Immune One™ Arabinogalactan powder every day.”

L. Araki

“I recently survived a truck accident that totaled my vehicle. Because of my injuries I took a loading dose of the Immune One™ Arabinogalactan powder daily for my swelling and discomfort. The doctor who treated me was totally amazed by the quickness with which I healed and my outstanding blood work, which looked like that of a person half my age. I take the Immune One™ Arabinogalactan powder on a daily basis because it has had such a positive impact on my and my husband’s health.”

P. Kibbee

“I have a pre-ulcerous condition which is very painful. I have found that the Immune One™ soothes my intestine and also stimulates my immune system.”

B. Mitchell

“I’m always skeptical of claims of ‘miracle cures’ but in my case the Immune One™ Powder from Source One™ relieved my symptoms of Chron’s disease. The prescription medicine had side effects I didn’t like, so with my doctor’s blessing, I rely completely on the powder to keep it under control.”

C. Schroeder

“In our house, dogs and humans alike are experiencing increased resistance to disease. We take our Immune One™ powder on a daily basis so we rarely become ill, and when we do we recuperate quickly.”

B. Marks

“I have a small boarding facility and a majority of my horses are older horses or horses with special needs. I need to tell the story of three very special friends: #1 Sissy, a 20+ black quarter horse. Poor Sissy has severe arthritis and painful navicular. About 1 year ago the farrier recommended she be put down. This horse who could hardly move is now doing light trail riding and has a greatly improved quality of life with consistent use of the Immune One™ Joint Mobility. #2 Dakota, the love of my life (other than my husband & children) is an 18-year-old beautiful Palomino Peruvian Paso gelding. He had arthritis and suffered from muscle spasms. He runs to get his Immune One™ Joint Mobility and I have my healthy horse back. #3, Lucky, our Shetland/ Welsh pony has had chronic laminitis. Within 3 days of using Immune One™ Joint Mobility and Immune One™ powder, he is walking pain free! God bless you.”

S. Cunningham