About Us

Richard BellSource One™ Feeds was established in 1975 to provide a healthy alternative to conventional feeds. The Source One™ feeds themselves were formulated by Dr. Charles Hubbell, international nutritionist. Pat originally contracted with Red Rose Milling Company for the manufacture of the Source One custom malt house premium feed. Red Rose was purchased by the Carnation Company with whom Source One™ enjoyed a successful milling contract for many years. We now conduct business with Star Milling Company in Perris, CA to produce Source One™ Feeds and Immune One™ Pellets.

Source One™ Naturals was created in February 1997 as a division of Source One™ Enterprises. From day one there has been considerable interest in the Immune One™ pellets. Because of costly transportation our customers in other states began requesting the option of buying just the Immune One™ larch arabinogalactan. Source One™ Naturals was created at the insistence of satisfied customers. The larch arabinogalactan continues to be the basis of all of our products. All of the animals you see on this site (including the humans) use all of the source one products on a regular basis.

Judy BellRichard and Judy Bell, owners of Source One™, have participated in the sales and development of Source One™ for many years. Richard has over thirty years of experience, answering customer questions on a regular basis.

We have become a word-of-mouth business because our satisfied customers tell their friends about us and they in turn tell their friends. We encourage you to post your experiences with our products on the Blog. Check out our Products page to learn more about our products. Please feel free to call us 303-476-8562 or use our online Contact Form. You will speak directly to us, Richard or Judy Bell, and if we can’t answer your questions, we will find a veterinarian who can.