We’re a family owned and operated company (and have been for over 30 years) based in the Southwest United States. We offer a variety of high quality nutritional products for you and the animals you care for.

For more information please continue to explore our website, or feel free to contact us at 800-664-8182.

We are currently in the process of moving to Evergreen, CO! Unfortunately our phone and internet have not transitioned to the new location as smoothly as we had hoped. It may be a few days before our 800-664-8182 number is back up and running. In the meantime please email Finn@immuneone.com with your phone number and order and we will do what we can to get you delivered asap. Thank you for your patience and continued support!


  • "My nineteen year old daughter recently injured her leg in a car accident. The doctors did a very poor job of stiching up the ten inch long, two inch deep wound. It was healing poorly so we decided to begin using the Immune One Balm on it. Within 24 hours we began to see a remarkable difference and the wound began to close. Four days later we were able to remove the stiches and her leg is healing beautiful."

    S. Williams

  • "In our vet practice we use Immune One™ Balm extensively. We have found that small animals will not lick it off when it is applied to wounds or suture sites. We have also noted one added benefit; flies stay away from the injured area. The greatest benefit? It only takes a small amount. One jar lasts a long time."

    Jack Kibbee, DVM

  • "We find that a lot of the animals we rescue have mange or immune system problems. We put them on the Immune One™ Powder and they are ready to be adopted in no time."

    L. Patella
    Pet Adoption Connection

  • "I'm always skeptical of claims of 'miracle cures' but in my case the Immune One™ Powder from Source One™ relieved my symptoms of Chron's disease. The prescription medicine had side effects I didn't like, so with my doctor's blessing, I rely completely on the powder to keep it under control."

    C. Schroeder

  • "I want to thank you for your amazing product, Immune One™ Arabinogalactan Powder. I have been using this powder for my 8-year old vizsla who was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma in February 2002. Your powder has quite literally saved her life."

    L. Welk

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